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Empresa's results of our brain storm.

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During our session we generates some themes.  To help students engage students' curiosity, we came up with a majority of ideas that  revolved around Personalized learning/voice and choice and after school clubs.  We also found out that if the student is not emotionally safe then their curiosity would be stunted.  Because of this idea we have another big theme of  a social emotional umbrella.  We also have some other ideas encompassing; celebration student's success, SPED integration, and flexible seating. 

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Student who felt safe and heard by teachers, we found that they like school and learning then other students.

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I love that the theme of a social-emotional umbrella has been opened-up (yes, pun intended)! In order for us as educators to really reach all students, we need to find ways that support students who may feel disconnected or isolated for their peers. Furthermore, the voice and choice allows for student buy-in and lets them know adults "hear" them. We need to build platforms that bridge the gap of acceptance, nurture curiosity, spark imagination, and link us altogether. We are off to a terrific start!