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have teachers teach parents how to ask the best questions in conferences

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In the beginning of the year, before a back-to-school night or conferences, have a teacher-lead presentation focused on different categories of questions, maybe also by subjects, on how to ask the best questions that will answer their true concerns/inquiries in a parent-teacher conference. This could also be followed up with a shared google doc between parents, student, and teacher, that everyone checks once every two weeks? month? that can help everyone involved stay up to date. 

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Love this idea!!!
Rather than by subject area, a possibility would be to question by purpose: probing, clarifying.... questions

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A brilliant idea. This could be a parents call (by form head/subject teacher etc) to given initial overview of PTC.  I feel parents can feel lost in process, regards what questions to ask.  Parents could feel better supported with an initial conversation with teacher and listening to other parents on call. 

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Hi Emily, I love your idea to teach parents how to ask questions! As Jess mentioned, questioning is very important. I would also love to see you create a collaborative document where we can work on the idea and build it out. So much potential to think about the power of questions. Do questions shut people down or do questions open up possibilities?

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Good questioning is so important and most of us don't know how to do it well. What resources would you use to help parents with this skill?