Student Success Session Kit

Kit with tools designed to educate, engage & empower students to design their own educational experience and build a support network.

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The kit offers teaching tools designed to educate, empower and engage students to direct their own Student Success Session (redesigned Parent Teacher Conference). Engaging in this process helps establish leadership, accountability, academic success. Students and parents are encouraged to participate in activities like Open Session to enhance open communication and center the focus on student needs. Creating and maintaining open communication empowers students to engage and advocate for themselves creating independence and the confidence to lead.  This is at the heart of a student's success.

Here's the link to the presentation

Some advice for parents: End each conference with the question "What Do you love most about my child?"

This idea was inspired by watching my son Michael, who made his sun flower with the seeds on the outside! Also inspired by Design Tech High School - an innovative charter school that uses Open Session to engage students in identifying academic challenges and designing student-centered solutions.

Below is a YouTube video about Visual Spatial Learners ( Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein)

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Hi Cynthia, a beautiful idea.  I was not able to access the google doc. Have sent an access invite for permission -  Thank you. 

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I love a sunflower with seeds on the outside! They are much easier to spread that way... And I like this idea. It could really work for lots of ages. And if you build this mindset early, then the students will have ownership of their learning from the beginning. Thanks

Photo of Cynthia Blair Tognotti

Thanks Lisa - I collaborated with Maggie today and have updated the working draft presentation any thoughts are appreciated - like - what can be cut as far as information. Thanks have a great one!

Photo of James Campbell

I love your idea, when students can take ownership of their learning and developing  path to success I think that leads to life long learning.  

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Thanks James - I agree - and it sure simplifies selecting a college that fits! Thanks for looking - I just revised the idea after collaborating this morning - check it out - would love to have your input! Thanks Cynthia