goodbye report card, hello Learning Infographic

Let's leverage the power of images and purposeful graphics to capture AND inspire a conversation on learning rather than a talk about grades

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Report cards, progress reports and even student narratives are so text based. Visuals are so powerful at inspiring authentic conversations. The idea is to use an infographic to create a snapshot of progress as well as celebrate failures. Visuals and Charts tell a story about this student. What parent doesn't want to hear a story about their child? The colors, size and fonts all communicate meaning and they're appealing to the eye. The idea of chunking also allows points of the conversation where both parent and teacher can take breaks to share anecdotes, whereas traditional report cards take a parent from start to finish without any chance in the middle to pause. 

Special shout out to coaches +new friends at teachers guild for the in-person brainstorm session at d*school #funonatuesday #sawdavidkelley

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