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Yearly conferences were nice but they just didn't seem to get anywhere beyond the conference room door

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Working as an ELL teacher  for many years, I was appreciative that parents and teachers both attended our fall meetings. Yet there was still a sense that the meeting was lacking some kind of vitality, wasn't really helping the school and the parent to grow in a productive relationship,  and wasn't really involving the student as an active participant in the process. Teacher feedback was sometimes very basic and not very specific. Parent involvement was also minimal and did not extend much past and occasional question. Students often did not like to be in attendance because they always felt they were going to get in trouble or be called out for something.

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Nathan -- Richland 2 is here! I love it! Welcome!!! So nice to have your reflection to get us started.  Also, could be cool to interview a student or a parent to understand what they want from those meetings and moments when everyone should be working together. It's amazing what you might hear.  So glad that you're here! 

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