The Importance of Parental Involvement.

Working with parents is key to the success of a school.

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Throughout my professional career as a secondary school teacher, I have always found the involvement and engagement of parents essential to the grounding and achievement of students. I have seen through working in a variety of inner-city and regional schools how establishing positive relationships with parents has enabled me to work collaboratively with them in finding solutions to the problems that their child may be experiencing. Research by Desforges & Abouchaar (2003) showed that parental involvement has a positive effect on a child's academic performance in both primary and secondary schools. It was through these and other studies that formed a key part of my Masters research. Each term, I look forward to meeting the parents of my students at Parents Evening because it often completes my understanding of the students. The relationship between student, parent and teacher is valuable and fluid communication and collaboration should be encouraged in and around school life.

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Keep the channels of communication open. Learning should be done collaboratively and the observations, insights and discussions between teachers and parents can protect the achievement and wellbeing of students. This relationship can be epitomised through this ancient saying: if we want to get somewhere quickly, go alone; but if we want to travel far, then go together.


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