The Elephant in the Relationship

What might we learn from the social culture of elephants in building better parent -teacher -student connections?

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In this old 60 Minutes clip we learn about how young elephants benefit from the presence of older role models.

Perhaps the parent teacher conference - a place where parent and teacher come together to learn about a students progress, address a specific challenge, or praise a particular success - could be something more meaningful.  If young bull elephants are positively influenced by the close presence and interactions of their adult peers, maybe creating a sustaining and positive Parent-Teacher relationship can have the same effect?

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe something you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research.

What if the Parent-Teacher conference was not a formalized scheduled event to be attended and checked off the schedule - but rather a deep and meaningful partnership - visible and viscerally felt by the student- and interwoven in their daily school experience.


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