Students as leaders: Taking ownership of learning

Educators and parents should work together to allow students to take ownership of their learning.

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As a founding sponsor and current facilitator of the coding program in our elementary building I have learned a tremendous amount from the families supporting the program. Parents not only wanted to see coding in our school, they actually put up the money for the initial stipends through the PTO. They funded additional days when the interest grew beyond our original number of spots and they have supported extra purchases each year to provide robots through a PTO Gifts program. I think some schools see parents as a separate oppositional group, but I have been fortunate to be in a place that allows a true partnership to develop.  It is fantastic because the kids ultimately benefit the most. When we wanted to find a way to share what we were learning in the before-school coding program we created an "open house" day during Hour of Code and invited families to come learn from their kids in the morning, or at lunch-recess.  The kids loved "taking over" as teachers, and the parents were once again overwhelmingly supportive.  I love that we could allow the kids to take the lead and share with their parents from their perspective.


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