Student-led conferences lead to more involvement.

Student-led conferences gave students ownership of their learning and gave the parents a better idea of what we do in school.

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As a preparation for the conferences, the students answered a couple of questions regarding their own social development, their attitudes towards schoolwork and their classmates and of course their education. This meant they had to reflect deeply on what they had been doing and how they had worked on this. Since we already do a lot of reflection with the students on a daily basis, they quickly got very engaged.

When it was time for their conference, the students were very excited to share their experiences with their parents and, of course, the parents loved to hear all this. As teachers, we interjected as needed, but for the majority of the conferences the students showed insight into their own skills, as well as the things they needed to work on.

This setup created a very positive and constructive atmosphere (even when we had to talk about the difficult things) where the teachers, the parents and of course the students collaborated and set our sights forward by creating goals for the student for the new term. 

The feedback received showed that the parents appreciated this set up very much and these conferences turned out to be lots of fun!


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