Student Led Conferences in Middle School Leads to Ownership of Learning

Middle School piloted SLCs this year - response was very positive! We stopped meeting to talk "about" kids and started talking "with" them.

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Read more about our journey to implement student conferences here...

Our whole team collaborated to make student led conferences a reality. Two teachers participated in a summer grant to kickstart the effort. Much of our work was inspired by an empathy interview with Chris Cox from Ravenscroft. 

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We were amazed to learn that students and parents did not talk about certain things until they were given the opportunity in a student led conference.


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Chip - There are lots of great ideas in the selection process, and I was hoping that you would be willing to support Guideposts to Success please. Stronger teacher and family relationships would be huge in helping to make conferences more successful, and your support would mean a great deal to help move this idea forward. All you need to do is sign in and make a quick vote on the post. Thank you, sir!

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