Peer-to-Peer Ownership Model (O'Neill, 2013)

My model to teach four team skills.

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Used the model on a participatory design activity in order for the students to be proactive in their acquisition of new knowledge because of their feeling of ownership. This is a team building model that have a user experience mindset. The pedagogical framework was based on interaction (Lundvall, 1992), collaboration (Johnson, 1992, Lundvall, 2002), and exploratory (Johnson, 1992) learning.

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe something you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research.

I worked on a Participatory Design and Research with Cancer Patients. I started to think on a framework to facilitate collaboration among different people. The project was a communication piece concerning resiliency , storytelling based, the relationship between healthcare professional and patients.


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