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Do we ask parents to move or meet in the gym?

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At open house, our school used to ask parents to follow their student's schedule and move from classroom to classroom, which allowed me to present key points and answer questions concisely, but it was confusing for parents.   Now all teachers gather in the gym and parents have to move less, but my communication is less effective, repeated, and frustrating.  For one thing, I don't hear well when there is a lot of background noise, so that means I don't hear well at open house.  Parents have no privacy and spend time standing in long lines for core subject teachers.  At my first school, parents met with teachers in classrooms one-on-one for a maximum of ten minutes (unless no other parents were waiting.)  Open house was scheduled for Thursday evening and Friday morning.  Friday was a half day, so teachers didn't mind staying late on Thursday.  It was a far more pleasant and productive practice for parents and teachers alike.   

However, one-on-one parent teacher conferences throughout the year are very well managed in my current district.  Guidance counselors schedule conferences with parents and teachers and are present at the meetings.   When appropriate, I ask an administrator or magnet director to join us.  When the guidance counselor or administrator leads the meeting well, this can be a great experience and very productive.   When the meeting is centered on achieving the best results for the student I really don't mind giving up the time to work with other school staff and with parents.


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