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Learning to play and accompany children in their learning experience

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The Suzuki method of learning violin has been an enriching learning experience for our family as it involves considerable parent implication in children´s learning to play the violin. I had no knowledge of music but a 2 month preparatory period with the teacher (just for parents) provided the tools to initiate this wonderful adventure and joy of learning and appreciating music. The method involves learning through imitation ( like one´s mother tongue) and children don´t learn to read music first. The experience has led me to design our daily practice at home, finding ways to make it less arduous, although I´ve learnt about deliberate practice, focus on harder parts in short frequent learning periods and combining some difficult parts of a song with other songs they play well and enjoy. As a result my children 6, and 9 do independently take the violin and play without any "coaxing." 

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I learnt to appreciate the difficulties in learning to play the violin and the joy of playing well. So, my approach to helping my children surges from understanding what they go through and is not directly "do as I say" which would probably have made them dislike playing the violin by making the experience unattractive.


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