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I think it is vital to help parents understand the role they can play in motivating adolescents to study effectively.

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The problem of motivation for teenagers facing a deluge of public exams is often overlooked by society. Parental responses are varied. Some have an instinct for how to help and others just keep doing and saying the wrong thing, compounding the problem. Through parent conferences a school has the opportunity to offer direct and meaningful guidance and advice, something they often shy away from doing because, on the whole, unsolicited parenting advice is regarded as unwanted. But in my experience, parents welcome guidance and can, if reasoned with, acknowledge that their techniques (or lack of techniques) can be improved. Through this collaborate approach I think there is mileage in discovering ways in which the content and delivery of parenting advice around motivation could be honed, polished and perfected. I would be happy to share what materials I have used, on the understanding that I think they are far from comprehensive. 

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In my experience, the feedback I receive after offering parents specific guidance has been positive and I would like to refine and develop that process.


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Andrew - Your idea could greatly complement the one I currently have in the selection process! If you'd be willing, I would greatly appreciate your support for Guideposts to Success by heading to the post and leaving a positive evaluation, as well as suggestions to grow the idea even more! Thank you!

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