Listen to Wendy's message on voice, the 15 year old high school student from Kenya, Africa

Wendy's message gives the objective of P-T meetings from a student's perspective and the importance of the learner's input in the forum.

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Wendy completed her 8 years of primary school and is now almost half way through high school. Her message, to some extent, from a student's perspective gives the focus of P-T meetings. She very humbly described the role of the teacher but this leaves us with a lot more questions on content for P-T forums. Molly, thank you for your suggestion to interview a student as this is where I got my inspiration from. The interview indeed has raised more questions that need solutions which will gladly be tackled in the ideas phase.


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A learner's input in parent-teacher meetings is worth exploring for this generation.


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Hi Charles,
Wendy's idea about problem solving together led me to my next idea on 'Dukalib' posted in the Ideate phase

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