Involving students in parent-teacher conferences

Discussion of organisational issues involving students' representatives

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In one of my schools there was a practice to involve students in the parent-teacher conferences.

A students' representattive was permitted to attend the meeting, that gave her/him an opportunity to get all the information ar first hand, express the students' opinion on the particular topic and what's more important - the event became more transparent, all the "stakeholders" were present and all the raising problems and conflicts were discussed collectively=objectively (we're all human and sometimes teachers are also trying to "defend" themselves).

This variant is offering to the students' community feeling of being involved in important decision-making (at least this way).

To clarify: our parent-teacher conferences normally are meeting of all the parents with the educators that teach the particular group, they are discussing the organisational issues, teachers are raising problems common for the majority of students and than teachers are discussing each student's performance with their parents individually.


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