How do we make it more student led?

I discussed with a student how they felt about SLCs.

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I held an interview with a student to discuss what they envisioned for SLCs.  I was surprised to learn that the student had never considered the idea.  The only thing I explained was that the student would lead the conference.  

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I learned how little we include students in their education.


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Amanda - If you'd be willing, I would greatly appreciate your support for Guideposts to Success by heading to the post and leaving a positive evaluation, as well as suggestions to grow the idea even more! Thank you! 

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Interesting Amanda Haynes ! Is there more from the interview you can share here? It sounds like a great conversation.

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I was surprised by this too. When I taught many years ago, we had kids walk their parent's through their portfolios. This practice seems to have faded a bit. I think including the student more would give them the experience of empowerment and efficacy. 

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For their parents to talk to the teacher.  The student felt he/she had nothing invested in the conference.  

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What did the student consider the current purpose of the conferences?