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I really like John McCarthy's blog here about building a collaborative relationship with parents and empowering them to be equal partners.

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On his Edutopia blog, John McCarthy shares some ideas for building a collaborative partnership with parents, beginning with reaching out before the conference, keeping parents updated, and other ideas for getting families involved.  He suggests making contact and asking for feedback both before and after parent conferences and giving parents ideas for supporting students at home.  Read his blog about collaborating with parents HERE.


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Hi Lauren
Agree it's a great blog post... Would love to know the why behind your picking it. How does it resonate for you and what's the need behind your choosing these methods? 
Interested to hear more!

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I think my connection with this blog post resonates from the feedback (and criticism) we have received from parents about our Student Led Conferences.  The SLC have been such a positive experience for our students, it really made me wonder about why the parents were unhappy with them. One reason could be due to the fact that we haven't built collaborative relationships with our parents this year as well as we could have.  I think for any parent-teacher conference framework to be successful, that ground work needs to be laid.  There has to be a culture of collaboration and open communication established already in order to make the most of our time together with parents.  John presents some really great ideas on how to do that.  I do believe that it is all part of the process!

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I so agree it's all about relationships. I remember when my oldest got to middle school. It was so different from elementary-I felt so excluded from her school experience and had no idea what her school day experience was like! It might be interesting to look at other systems from unrelated fields that deal with relationship building... 
Thanks for replying