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Personal frustration at not being able to satisfy parents' needs in the 5 minutes we met for

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During the 5 minute conversation with parents, I find it very difficult to be able to relay all of the information about the course, what their child has been studying and then to talk about their progress and next steps. I also find that parents often are not sure what they are going to find out at parents evenings and therefore are not prepared themselves with meaningful questions which they may have afterwards, or they tell me they thought of questions but now they are here, have forgotten.

I would love to design a model where the parents are briefed a week before the parents evening on the programme of study, they are told all about the general make up of the course, the lessons and how they will be examined or assessed. This could give them the opportunity to ask questions, the answers to these can then be prepared prior to the parents evening. This would then leave the 5 minute conversation ins school to fully centre around the student, the progress they are making and how they can move forward.

I would also love for the 5 minute meetings to become more student led. Can they describe to their parents how they are progressing, where they have weaknesses and what they can do to improve.

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We need to make sure students are able to articulate the progress they are making, we should not be telling them but supporting them in discovering!


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Richard - I think your ideas here could have a positive impact on the one I have in the selection process. If you'd be willing, I would greatly appreciate your support for Guideposts to Success by heading to the post and leaving a positive evaluation, as well as suggestions to grow the idea even more! Thank you!

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