Can we pack conferences like we can stadiums???

What if we thought about parent teacher conferences like we do football games and music concerts?

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I just went to a Rihanna concert the other day with some of my juniors. We were doing college tours over the weekend and won free concert tickets. Let me tell you, that concert was packed. People will pay tens to thousands of dollars to watch their favorite celebrity perform for maybe 90 minutes. Yet, the conference rooms and hallways at my high school were empty.

There must be a way to pack the seats outside my classroom like the lines at a concession stand at TD Garden.

The biggest items related to concerts are investments and instant gratification. People pay money or take part of contests and within only a few minutes of arriving to the location, are given an unforgettable performance.

Is there a way to apply these items to PTC? What can parents AND students invest as well as teachers? How can they all leave feeling gratified from the situations?


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Love the idea of PTCs being as popular as rock concerts!

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