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Belmer has two students in the Waldorf school network. Hear about his experiences!

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Belmer has two children - a 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son! They are both in the Waldorf schools. He loves how responsive his children's teachers are, their willingness to let all children be themselves, and thinks one of the best ways Waldorf includes parents in student learning is through rich storytelling. 

His favorite moment engaging with Waldorf from this last year was being able to volunteer as a chaperone on a school hiking outing. There, he saw first hand the learning methods that the Waldorf school promotes - and it made him appreciate the attention and care with which the Waldorf teachers provide to all their students - including his own children. Thanks for sharing, Belmer! 

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This makes me very very happy Belmer kicking off our Collaboration.  Love the parent perspective too.