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Digital portfolios that synthesize information and automatically update parents when there's new content.

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What if, when students updated their digital portfolios, parents/guardians could get a notification, like: "Susie just uploaded a great reflection about her project." And a link that went directly to that page. The portfolio would have to be shared with parents and then they could sign up for updates. This way, the work doesn't have to be done by either the teacher or the student... it happens automatically!


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Have you looked at Seesaw Lisa Yokana ? We've been piloting a variety of student-driven portfolio apps this year and that one has been great for students to capture their learning and then parents get a notification on their phone to swipe and view it (and add a comment if that function is enabled). 

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We are piloting Seesaw.  The key is to figure out what types of information make sense to avoid digital clutter, and what reflective questions are useful.  There is also some parental scaffolding necessary so they know what they are seeing and how to spot growth in their son/daughter.

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