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have students write discussion prompts and/or reflections for conferences & involve them as a reference in a conference

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Long-term- Have students write reflections on their performance, work. strengths, and/or weaknesses bi-monthly or monthly to have legitimate documentation for conferences. With the teacher being able to read and discuss these ahead of time, this provides more of an "equal playing ground" for teachers and students to reference in a conference, which may also help teachers veer from the "what are you doing wrong" assumptions we sometimes get from parents. 

Short-term- Do this once every quarter for semester conferences. This also lessens the amount of work for teachers who have more to keep up with who may not want to keep up with reflections so often


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This works well with with a digital learning portfolio.

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Definitely! And I like having students look back on older reflections much later in the year and see if anything has changed. It's interesting to see students who may not have really thought about the initial reflection comment on that reflection after four or five months- "what was I thinking?" "oh, I really didn't understand ________ but now I do."

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