A Student Presentation of Readiness

Student presents their attributes (competencies) in a demonstration of skill to a teacher, parent(s), and a community member.

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Students will present in front of a small panel of adults and/or peers. They can select any format that they would like to present (video, performance, demonstration, portfolio, etc.). Students will showcase a piece of work that they are particularly proud of, or demonstrate a skill that they have recently developed or mastered. The length of presentation could be about 15-20 minutes. Criteria for the presentation could include:

  • What new learning have they recently done in this skill area
  • Why they chose this skill or attribute
  • What obstacles or challenges did they have to overcome
  • What did they learn, and how did they overcome and persevere through this difficulty
  • How doe this work/skill fits into their short term or long term goals
  • A reflection of their strongest attributes
  • How do these attributes reveal learning and reflection
  • One area for inmprovment and growth
  • Do they think they are ready for the next stage in their educational journey
  • How will their attributes will make them ready for the next part of their educational journey


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Fun idea! I like the focus on the students and student-empowerment. What age are you imaging this starting at? 

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