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Have students make a portfolio of work they think best represents their efforts since the last conference, used as the focal point.

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When students on the work they've done themselves, instead of on the critiques they get from others, they end up doing a better job improving their abilities later. A student portfolio serves this purpose well because it allows the student to self-identify the work that fits in with whatever characteristics (perseverance, adaptability, cooperation, etc.) they are working on in the classroom. They can spend some time before the conference preparing their portfolio, and writing a reflection on each piece of work they choose to include (I'd figure no more than 2 per subject area per conference). The teacher helps frame the selection process for the student, but allows the student to pick the work they are most proud of.

The portfolio makes for a great focal point in the conference. It's especially helpful for the student who might not know what to say in a conference, since they now have their own self-made presentation material.


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Hi Paul,

Great idea! Love the use of portfolios.  Have you seen what the Alt School is doing with a daily playlist?  Check out the link and scroll to the bottom of the page:  Might provide some inspiration for your idea.

Also, there are a number of others on the Teachers Guild thinking about portfolios, might be worth checking out and potentially teaming up on the idea:

The dynamic triangle Know Thyself Through the child's eyes. 
There's an App for That! 

It would be great to get a google doc started that we could flesh some out this idea in detail. I encourage you to think about what key insight this idea addresses. How does this idea get at one of the many pain points of parent teacher conferences? Looking forward to collaborating with you on this idea!!! M

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Hey Paul
I'm super interested in this. Let's connect!