Student/Parent Hackathon

Students and parents work together to create an individualized learning plan for the school year - and celebrate the creation of the plan!

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Hackathons are truly fascinating.  Like-minded individuals come together as a team - sometimes in a competitive environment - to solve real-world problems.  What if parents and students teamed up in an immersive environment to plan 

The Student/Parent Hackathon would be an event that occurs at the beginning of the school year - with the goal of building a customized learning plan for the student.  The results of that learning plan could be captured and celebrated in a portfolio at the end of the school year.

How might the Student/Parent Hackathon be competitive in nature?  At the beginning of the school year, what can students and parents create together to "set the tone" for the school year?


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I love this idea on  two fronts - hacks are great brainstorming events and it involves the parents and students.

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