School Events Foster Communication between Teachers and Parents

Events like Open Days are good opportunities for parents and educators to communicate.

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It is called here ( in Tunisia ) the "End-of- the Academic Year Ceremony". I have always attended this ceremony, as a child with my parents (before school), as a student, as a teacher and now as an inspector of English.It is an exciting, event, enjoyable and we keep waiting for it the whole academic year. Because I had the chance to win many school prizes during such ceremonies, I feel excited to provide you with some account of what I can remember about them. School events foster communication between parents and teachers and help share ideas about children at school and at home.

The End-of-Academic Year School Ceremony is a remarkable date in the heart of most school children in Tunisia. Unfortunately, it happens only once a year! It is an unforgettable event! People get ready for it before monts and weeks. During the ceremony day, they put on nice clothes and look most handsome. Ladies use lots of make-up and perfumes. Men, too, wear suits and ties. The school staff, also, prepare well for the event. The school hosts thousands of visitors. The school gives a big party, 'Une soirée Grandiose' i.e. a great evening party. A famous band / orchestra would play sweet music, people look cheerful and take photographs, students introduce their parents to one another. Sweets, cakes and drinks are served for free.... Everyone is happy and excited....

During this ceremony, the school principle speaks to the big audience using a mike and loud speakers and his speech is punctuated with big hands of people who applaud when they hear good achievements being cited. It is a big event and most people in town wish not to miss it. The principle, often, sums up the school's activities during the whole academic year, thanks teachers and school staff, greets the guests among politicians and famous figures who attend the ceremony, praises good pupils for their achievements and also praises parents and some philanthropists for their their financial support for the school. Parents would meet teachers, walk with them and talk to them in private about their children. Teachers, generally, provide parents with a positive and constructive feedback.....

As such, this ceremony is one of the best ways of how parents and teachers would meet, exchange ideas of how to promote education and cooperate. Unfortunately, this ceremony takes place only once in an academic year. In some rich Arab Gulf countries like Oman and Bahrain, more ceremonies are held during a school year. They celebrate 'The Open Day' by the end of each schoolterm. They, spend a lot more money in celebrating these events.

Graduation days, Open Days, Mid-Term and End-of-Term ceremonies are events that represent good opportunities for teachers to get in touch with parents. Creating School communities fosters communication between parents and educators. I hope that these events would be shared by education stakeholders in other parts of the world and I hope that they would be supported and sponsored  internationally by  UNESCO, UNECEF and other international organizations, especially in poor countries where people starve to educate their children. 


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Thanks for sharing--your end of the year event sounds wonderful.

Are there ways for parents and teaches to connect without it being quite so expensive? 

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Yes, Jessica. Nowadays parents receive regular sms  and phone calls by schools to keep them well-informed about their children and how they are doing at school. Long ago, parents used to receive only ordinary mail when there is a problem whatsover or when kids miss school, play truant and so on. SMS and phone calls are  much faster to reach to parents.Besides, there has been created an education board in each school. This board consists of elected members. The members are parents, teachers, students and school staff. They meet once a month and when there is an urgent matter to discuss. Parents, also,  come to school to check their children progress.