Removing the barriers so teacher, parent and student can relax.

Take away the formality of the parent and teacher conference to build deeper relationships .

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As a teacher, a fifteen minute observation  and discussion  often leaves us wondering how much more we could learn and  show if we had more regular conversations and observations with those who observe us. .   Often I think this is how parents must feel when they are rushed through meet the teacher and then again  scheduled back to back with others for a 15 minute conference.  The initial conference is a great starting point but we need to provide opportunities for parents and students to engage with the teacher about  what is  happening on a more regular basis.   I think that if we provide more  informal means  for parents to gain information we  would   improve our communication. One thought would be to have  informal gatherings one evening each nine weeks where parents could come and their child could share their learning with them. The teacher could roam and guide the students. If we set the  cafeteria up some what like a coffee shop we may get more parents willing to come and engage in discussion.  For parents that are not able to attend, we could  provide students with time to create  a powerpoint or another form of communication to share with  their parents. I think this would be the beginning of opening these lines  of communication. 


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