LEARNVIA: The Student Success App

LEARNVIA: the online Student Success Profile that keeps parents, teachers, students and administrators in the loop all year round.

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Let's create a year-long system of reflection on students' successes and areas for growth with parental touch points built in!

Check out the prototype-in-progress!

  • LEARNVIA is an app that functions as a live report card, a digital portfolio, and a platform for ongoing communication between all parties invested in a student’s success. This includes parents, teachers, administrators and the student herself. With functionalities for teachers and students to document works in progress, upload images of finished projects and publish their writing pieces, the "Folio" feature allows students to take ownership of their learning. LEARNVIA even allows students to reflect on their work by answering questions posed by teachers, parents and other students in video format using the "Reflect" tab. Parents can toggle data to see a year-long progression for more standardized evaluations like end-of-unit math assessments or running reading records.

  • The “Touch Point” functionality allows parents and teachers to organize multiple meetings throughout the school year. These Touch Points can be in the form of in-person meetings (reframed as "Student-Led Touch Points" - see example from Expeditionary Learning), phone calls or video chats like Google Hangouts. Schools might consider a set number of Touch Points - 1 student-led, 1 digital, etc. All communications and in-app messages sent throughout the year are logged in the success profile and easily viewable later on. Teachers build into their schedules open slots so parents can sign up for in-person or virtual touch points any time during the school year, not just in back-to-back marathons on conference days.

  • The "Aspire" function allows students to set goals for themselves with teacher and parent support. Those goals include built-in reminders so that they can be revisited throughout the school year.

  • Teacher feedback and grades are built into the student success profiles with options for parents and teachers to ask questions or add comments in the "Glows and Grows" section. When areas tagged for growth are highlighted, teachers, parents and students come up with a plan to address these concerns using the "Next Steps" feature.

  • Major projects of the student and/or teacher's choosing are added to the Folio. These projects along with other features can be starred for easy access later in the year or in years to come.


Update June 7 @ 5:20p EST:

How might we pilot one of these features to redesign next year's conferences? One idea is to use a program like Sign-up Genius to open time slots for Touch Points throughout the school year, instead of back-to-back conferences on one day. Teachers could build windows into their daily and weekly schedules for potential Touch Points - maybe once a week during a prep period and every other week after school (30-45 minute blocks with three potential openings). Then anyone could call for a Touch Point at any time in the year and it would be as simple as a parent looking for an upcoming opening on Sign-up Genius. These could be in-person, student-led meetings, Google Hangouts, etc.

Any other ideas for prototyping and piloting next year? 


Hear what parents, teachers and students have to say:


Update June 6 @ 9:30p EST: Check out the latest updates to the pitch deck and script


Update June 6 @ 2:30p EST: Work is underway on the slide deck for the pitch. Will be finishing up and recording a voiceover this evening. Video to follow! I'm also trying to get some videos of a parent/teacher/student reacting to the idea.


Update June 3 @ 11:15p EST: Check out the prototype-in-progress


Update June 2 @ 10:15a EST: Working on prototyping the app using POP (poppapp.in). Here is the Google Doc where we've been working out the idea: Google Doc. I'll post images from POP this evening! Creating a pitch using this slide deck shortly!

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I L-O-V-E this idea that goes beyond Digital Portfolios.  I also like the idea of touchpoints and believe that there is much to be captured with a well-organized collection of communication channels.  Let me know if you want help on this.

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