Parent-Child-Teacher Conferences

Students are invited to contribute and reflectively share their development and personal growth towards collaborated goals.

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Over the course of the year, teachers can keep a running binder/folder of their students' work.  At the beginning of the year, students can create goals for himself/herself and what their vision of this "portfolio" may look like.  

Students are invited to add their own work to the collection-- work they are most proud of, work they feel they would like to improve upon, hand-picked work that captures and reflects him or herself as an individual-- ultimately showcasing the process leading up to the completed work.  

Students may take this collection home to share with parents/caregivers, fostering the home-school connection.  Parents/caregivers can reflect on the child's work together over time, and bring any pressing questions, concerns, or celebrations (!) to the teacher's attention before conference time approaches.  A monthly feedback form for parents/child to fill out together including questions such as, "How did your work change after a month?"  "Have you achieved your goal, and/or how close are you to achieving your goal?"  "Brainstorm next steps we can take together to help you to achieve your goal." 


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