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As teachers and parents, we need to help our students ascertain, track and manage their own learning by including them in progress meetings.

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Students are able to fully engage with their learning when they feel that they have locus of control over their own learning pathways. Having student progress meetings without the student present is 1) unethical and 2) nonsensical. In addition, it takes control, responsibility and accountability away from our students.

By not only including students in their "progress meetings", but having them as facilitators of their own meeting; students are empowered to talk meaningfully about their growth points and which goals they should set next. A template, like the one above, could be used to give meetings structure and provide markers for accountability.

Participants in this meeting (parents and teacher) act as coaches by asking how they might support this learning journey. Goals are jointly constructed as a "learning team" with each meeting participant responsible for various support roles.

These goals are made into copies that are displayed at student work stations, on the fridge, or even on a personal device. At subsequent meetings, fulfilment of the stakeholders' roles are discussed in conjunction with growth points.

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