Family Feud Night

Parents & teachers team up in a "Family Feud"-style game show to help everyone understand students' learning better.

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During our brainstorm tonight with local teachers and Guild coaches at Stanford's, we talked about the idea of creating a game show-style event for teachers, parents, and students to experience together during the conference. A series of questions could be created by the student and teacher to help parents understand where students are succeeding and where they need help.

Example questions still need to be built out, and we're not sure who would be the host. Maybe it's the student? We were thinking questions could be along the lines of:
• What are my top 5 ways I like to learn?
• What did we do in the classroom this year that I absolutely loved?
• Who are my best friends?

If you like this idea and want to build it out more, let me know! It would be great to team up.

Here's a doc to help build it out:


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