Escape the Room - Parent/Teacher/Student edition

What if you created puzzles that parents/teachers/students had to collaboratively solve during PT conferences?

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To help parents, teachers and students build relationships more authentically, what if you created a series of puzzles that they could collaboratively solve to "escape the room" or "escape the conference".

The students could even be the architect of the puzzles. They could create questions based off of their learning objectives that parents and teachers would have to answer to get to the next clue.  This would help parents better understand what their student has been learning in a fun way - and also allow students to be more central to the conferences. 


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some of my fav. moments as a kid were the parent-child "sack" races at my dad's company picnic. There is something special about a shared experience between child and parent - that gets somewhat heightened when it happens in a public (but emotionally safe-because it is fun) way!   - Love John Faig 's idea to tie it to lessons that the student recently learned.

I wonder what might happen for those students who struggled with those lessons. Might this be an opportunity to reinforce the roots of those lessons with a practical challenge? It might also allow the parent better visibility into how they can help shape their child's progress... love this idea so much.

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