'Dukalib' The careers Mall

Parent-teacher-student meetings informed through a 'Careers Mall'

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1. Dukalib “Careers Shop” is an idea for an online career guidance app/micro-site

2. Our objective is to have students post information about their potential career and subject with support and guidance from parents and careers counselors/teachers in a fun, informative and easy to use manner

3. It allows teenage students (13-15 target group) to discover and find out more about potential careers based on their interests

4. Students select areas of interest which are matched against a database of careers information

5. Students can post their careers guidance to social media, sharing with parents, teachers and professionals

6. Dukalib links with Facebook to enable easy sharing, promotion, comment and feedback

7. Dukalib is highly visual in style, fun to use and useful in setting up information obtained from students to be used during- parent teacher meetings   

8. Information from dukalib can also be used in a range of personal, educational and professional settings

9 Students will engage in this platform at a competitive level

10. There will be a vote for favourite careers

11. Sponsors on this platform will reward the top teams with attractive products suitable for students that will further support their engagement in career and subject choices.

12. This information will be used to feed into parent-teacher-student consultation meetings


  • Dukalib is a ‘careers shopping mall’ where teens will post a selection of career options with matching subject choices the way they see it. They will include subject content they think is required apart from the traditional subjects on offer, if need be

Potential for Impact:

  • The intention is to tap into the ‘voice’ of the teenager to draw out their thoughts about careers and subject choices. This will address the problem of students feeling left out from the parent-teacher meetings in matters pertaining to their style of thinking in the learning process. It will also help the parents and teachers to appreciate the student’s views and hence promote collaboration in decision making for the current and future prospects in the best interest of the student who is the key implementer. Students to will have a more in-depth understanding of the subjects they take in relation to their future aspirations. They will be able to make informed choices after consultations with their parents and teachers.
  • The teens will interact through facebook to exchange notes on subject and career choices , a platform that will take them away from the rigid parent –teacher-student consultations.
  • Students will be allowed to work in teams for similar careers and at a competitive level to keep them motivated. Voting for the favorite career will be open to a wider group of teams across the nation, including non-participants. This will create an avenue for communication between parents, teachers and students  across the wider community and a build-up of knowledge that will inform parent-teacher consultations bearing in mind  student’s perspectives.


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Hi Emma and Charles,
Still building on thoughts from the questions you raised. This is where 'Dukalib.com' is at now.
I wonder whether this  has made things clearer? 

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