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A tool that would generate an infographic describing academic and non-academic traits based on data from multiple stakeholders

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My idea is a hybrid of two other ideas on the site (The Dynamic Triangle & Learning Infographic) and my own special sauce.

I'd like to see a tool that would take data from multiple stakeholders (the student, their teachers and parents) and create an infographic that paints a picture of the student. I'd be interested to see the commonalities and differences in the viewpoints from the multiple parties. This could be particularly interesting in seeing how they interpret not only the academic successes and challenges, but also social emotional health, resilience, etc. I think that the visual component of an infographic and the multiple data points (via the stakeholders) might paint the learner in a different light and positively enhance the conference.

I'd be very interested in seeing if there was a way to make this both visually appealing and streamlined on the creation side for teachers. Cumbersome tools never see use. 


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My mind is turning as I ponder how wide the crowd might be...! I think all stakeholders would learn from the experience of creating this. 

"Cumbersome tools never see use" = truth! It would be fun to consider how we can make this as easy as possible.

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Thanks Charles Shryock, IV ! I'm in full agreement about the size of the crowd. My original thought was that this would be a useful tool primarily for middle and high schools.  Now, I'm thinking that at the elementary level there would still be a large enough n of contributors (classroom teacher, tech teacher, art teacher, physical education teacher, foreign language teacher, music teacher, parents, etc) to gather interesting and pertinent data.  

As for it being a cumbersome tool, I'm very concerned about ease of use. For this to see ANY use, it must accommodate a wide variety of users and cater to their specific needs. Oh yeah, it needs to be intuitive and inviting, too.

I guess it's time to get to work! :)