Clone the Teacher

In the spirit of encouraging wacky ideas, why not clone the teacher!?!

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There is never enough time.  Some parents can't get to school for a conference.  These and so many more barriers keep us as teachers from being able to connect with our students and parents on as personal and meaningful level as we'd like.

So, why not just clone the teacher?  These clones would share one mind, one heart (kind of like a hive- think Borg you Star Trek peeps- without the ill intent of course).  This means all of the   "original" teacher's knowledge, wisdom, and insights would be shared with the Hive.  Due to the ability to have more time with each student, this knowledge would obviously grow exponentially. Some of these clones could be out doing home visits at times that work for families.  These clones would also be able to speak multiple languages so that this not a barrier of communication.

Although the idea of cloning the teacher seems pretty wacky (at least in 2016), HMW find insights, ideas, or juicy nuggets we can pull from this crazy idea that might actually be applied to this experience?


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I'm still trying to get the 3d hologram 

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I would if a 360 VR experience would work as well (and could we create VR of our classrooms to help with communication?)

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Where's the 'like' button? :)

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You're getting all sci-fi/Star Trek holodeck on me!! :)

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