Building long term relationships-We're on the same team

Create long term relationships with your students' parents while celebrating student work; we all want the same thing, student success!

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Update Thursday 6/2/16

Feedback from Parents:

“The website is not hard to scan and read. However, when I was trying to do a pin intended for my own board, I accidentally pinned in your AT class board.”

“I am happy to be able to see some of work your class is working on. I believe probably this is the first time I had an opportunity to peek in classes in my daughter's high school years :)) I love it! Is it possible to put any short video files on it? It'll be nicer to see actions.”

The idea is simple...

Begin with a social gathering in Sept. to set the stage and provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to casually spend time together. Set ground rules- social topics only!

Throughout the year- Communication- Using Pinterest boards, that are private to the students and parents, students and teachers post pictures/shout-outs of what they are proud of and what they are working on.  This gives a simple way for the teachers and students to showcase class work, it allows parents to see what their child cares about and what's happening in the classroom. This will also serve to help facilitate conversations when parents and teachers meet/talk directly. 

When parents and teachers finally get together, at the actual conference, there is a natural starting point- the Pinterest board. It easily allows teachers and parents to start with a positive tone and build a rapport.  It provides clear evidence of their child's success' and interests. This process not only illustrates that you know and care about their child, but makes parents more open to receiving information on their child's needs and areas for growth. 


Aug/Sept:  Cocktail Hr-  human to human interaction between parents & teachers

On going: Social media site where teachers, parents & students communicate. Teachers can post student work (anonymously if wanted) parents can ask questions, comment, understand what is happening. Parents and teachers already have a relationship prior to the conference.  


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Photo of Fallon Plunkett

Based on the conversation with my AT Psych students and Lisa Monday 5/23/16
Asked students about including their parents more - Students say no way
But can bring empathy for students
Report card comes out- pain point
Can be too much info

E-portfolio that students have choice

Relationship with teacher and student- bigger circle of empathy

Autonomy vs war zone when report cards come out
(sense of independence and ownership of these grades)

Real self grading
Perception of the same team- ppl blame, something not getting done- so doesn’t feel like on the same team

Working together to create a successful autonomous person/learner

Hate getting tests back- knowing - not out of the blue

Role of advisor mentor dean guide older student?
Mutual engagements encounters different types of experiences

What if we go back to elementary school stuff? Invite parents in during the yr

Mentorship with teacher or student choosing

Shared responsibility

Student journey
Map of the journey road map of the journey

Heroes journey
Navigating the journey
Social emotional piece as well as learning- whole child
Pit tops


Anxiety of parents- not knowing if you're doing it right
Being more empathic of parents - reflection of them
We're in this together
Befriend parents - doesn't work the same way it used to, different world today

Counseling session
Start 8th grade yrs
We conversation not you conversation
4 yr journey not a conference
Language and mindset

You don't want it to be a straight and easy journey. Ppl who face challenges are more interesting and empathic.
Ownership of who you are

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