Update: Alumni on Campus!

Notify faculty & staff via email/text immediately when alumni check in on campus.

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If faculty and staff could be reminded of past students' names, faces, and current school or career status before they even run into those students in the hallways, the conversations with those students could be more seamless, productive, and meaningful.

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Really cool idea to think about connecting this way.  I like Chris' tie into 'find my friends,' etc.  Interesting to think about this with public schools too.  I've often thought about the lack of alumni connection in the public school system.  Aside from the 5,10, 20... year reunions, not much connection to the past schools happen.  
I can imagine this tool could be used in a variety of ways.  Perhaps even as a pool for meetup events that could or could not serve as a sort of place to connect students to mentors.  As Chris said, lots of privacy stuff to think about, but don't need to worry about that right now.  I also know there are plenty of folks from my past I wouldn't necessarily want to "find" me.  ;) ;)

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