The School - Home Connection

Our goal is to partner with parents to help make their child's college and career goals attainable.

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The School – Home Connection

The expectations of the 21st century classroom integrate the skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. These are known as the “4 C’s”. Educators in the classroom recognize the importance of a “5th C”; Community.

Let’s bring the community to the school campus. When parents are involved in their child’s education, student achievement is improved. Parental attitudes and beliefs shape a child’s view of the world and its possibilities. Our goal is to partner with parents to help make their child’s college and career goals attainable. Through this process we will strengthen the school-home connection and produce more college bound students.


Create centers at each school level which would focus on parent and student awareness of the path to a college education. The vision is a welcoming, friendly, accessible, place to educate and empower parents as they support their children on this journey.

Elementary Level - Occupation Station

Beginning at the elementary level, students would have opportunities to explore career choices. They would begin to understand their own strengths and start to develop future goals. Parents would have access to workshops on parenting, maneuvering through the school system, and tools for encouraging a college expectation in their child.

Junior High - Vision Lab

At the junior high level, the centers would add a focus on high school readiness. Students would have an opportunity to take an elective class, where they would build a personal college research portfolio. They would also explore possible career choices related to their personal strengths. Parents would be exposed to the high school culture and expectations. College and vocational program would be readily accessible.

High School - Career Center

The high school level career center would incorporate all of the “nuts and bolts” of college and career preparation. Students could be counseled about goals and provided direction and support. They would find guidance and assistance with every step in the process of applying for college or other advanced training. Parents would have ready access to financial aid and scholarship information. They would find help in navigating the systems and procedures that are involved.

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Great idea! Wish something like this was in place when my kids were in school.

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