Reinvent Summer Assignments

Summer is fun! Let's make it that way for summer assignments, too!

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Some ideas for encouraging and growing student passion

-summer assignment relates to individual interests

-give students some space to feel some self-led freedom

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Love this idea! We offer our 2-5 graders an optional summer project (lots of choices including 'create your own project') and the opportunity to showcase their 'products' to their peers an families at the start of the new school year. 

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Such a great idea to use summertime as a time to explore interests in passions! Kind of rebranding required summer reading or "homework." 
It's fun to think about what this could look like across grade levels.  What if students starting in K knew summer was a time to start exploring things they are excited about?  How would that look as they move along in the grades?  And could this connect to summer jobs as students get older?  What if this also connected to college exploration as students got older?  Lots of fun directions to pursue with this idea.  Thanks for sharing!

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Love the idea. Students are so tired of being assigned a limited choice of books to read. Let them develop a passion project or pursue a community project for developing empathy and compassion at their school

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Love ideas that help to tackle summer melt! Would love to see you build this out more. What would this "Summer Melt" reversal look like? What sort of programming would be around it? Think it sounds great - and highly encourage you to start making something of this! 

P.S. Add in a photo! Helps the post come alive.