Passport to College

High school students take a course to learn the entire process of determining and applying to the perfect college that fits their need.

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This semester or year long course would be designed to inform and instruct students, and parents, about the college application, FASFA process, and enrollment process. Students would research colleges that best fit their needs and future goals. "Tour buses" would take frequent trips to various colleges giving families opportunities to visit together. The course content would also help students develop the critical traits/skills needed for college courses.

The goal would be to keep students and parents informed of the entire process at the right time. 

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Hi Nikki, I think that this idea would go well with Cynthia Blair Tognotti and her College Planning Kit idea. I would love to see how we could mashup the passport course with the planning kit. Thoughts?

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These ideas are very similar and Cynthia Blair Tognotti  has some very specific topics that could be in the course. Cynthia Blair Tognotti would you like to mashup our ideas and expand? 

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Yes - Please call me at 650-271-1900

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