Parent-to-Parent Workshops

Connect parents of current college students with parents navigating the HS-to-college transition to myth-bust and assuage fears or concerns.

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Hi Virginia! My name is Moss Pike, and I teach Latin in Los Angeles. I'm one of the coaches here on the Guild site, and I'm excited to work with you on this idea. I'm in agreement that finding new ways to leverage our parent communities is extremely important, which this idea should help us do. Have you started a Google Doc for it, in which we can start building out a prototype. I'm more than happy to do so myself, if you'd like, and I'm also happy to chat the idea over so we can map out a direction over the next few weeks. Feel free to send me a note at, and we can take it from there. Have a great weekend in the meantime!

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Hi Jessica, I would love to see you continue to build this idea. I've had a similar thought that parents could play a larger role in providing support to each other and to students.

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Is this something the College Advising Corps has done already? It seems like such an important way to support parents, especially parents who did not go through the process themselves.