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Create a mobile app that can help students get information about college apps.

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Since students (and adults too) spend more time on their phones and other mobile devices than in the past let's use that device as a tool to help them get information about the college application process.  The app could send notifications to students reminding them about deadlines for applications and give tips about how to successfully apply to schools. 

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Hey Angela, 

Cool idea!! I'd love to know more about how you could prototype this app in a low-touch kind of way? I'm thinking about this program (blanking on the name at the moment) that sent text messages with health tips and milestone reminders to pregnant teens in underprivileged communities and I remember the report I read about it mentioning really astonishing health and wellness gains for participants and their babies from such a simple nudge. Maybe that's an inspiration for prototyping the app? What are you thinking? 

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I think the program you're talking about is (I Googled it), and that's a great inspiration for the prototype!  I think being able to personalize the app for each student's college application journey as well as providing general advice is an ideal combination.  I like the idea of three messages per week (which is what does), it's not an overwhelming number so that you ignore it but it's enough that it keeps the application process on their radar.   If one text was a general piece of advice, one was specific to their application, and one was a word of encouragement, I think that would work.  There should also be access to further resources if students are interested.  For example, if the advice text was related to how to write a good application essay, a follow-up link to articles related  that topic or other resources, possibly even a live chat from college counselors. 

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Ah! You're a much better Googler than I am...I was getting all these stuffy data reports! Loving all your suggestions, I can really begin to visualize how this would work. Perhaps you could upload your ideas to the main body of your post so that others can see it more easily and jump in with feedback and suggestions? Thanks so much for all of this, it is great!

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Hi Angela, I was going to suggest you partner with Veronica Lin but it looks like you two are already working together!!!! The idea of mashing up the app with the buzzfeed quiz seems like a natural fit to me. Maybe they could remain two separate ideas but feed into one an other.  Very interested to see how you might flesh this idea out in more detail.  

I believe there are a few other posts on the platform in the same realm.  Have you seen Norka Padilla HS Graduation Plan Digital App or Edwin Lagos K-12 Passion Portfolios Tool 

Might also be worth reaching out to see if they are interested in working together on this idea.