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Connect alumni with others pursing the same major.

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During high school, students pretty much know what classes and extracurricular activities their peers participate in.  Once a group of seniors moves on to college, unless they attend the same school, they lose track of what their former classmates are doing.  The idea of major match is to allow alumni of a high school to connect with other alums who are pursing the same major.  It would provide students a chance to stay connected to their high school classmates and give them a chance to talk about the challenges they may be facing within their major and the differences/similarities between programs at different schools.  It also starts the foundation of networking skills as alums connect with other graduates with the same major but differing graduation years.  This could also be the foundation for an alumni mentoring program. 

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Angela, it would be great if this could happen with public schools too. In my experience, so little connection happens around alumni. It would be cool to foster more of this kind of community.

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