High school students could use a College Success Digital Story resource to see how other students with different paths were successful.

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High school students could access the College Success Digital Story to find information about differing paths to being successful in college. There they can find interviews and other resources, including links to external sites on college readiness. The resources would be presented in the form of a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" where students can select different paths to take. The different paths would be linked to interviews. Some paths would lead to more challenges and other paths would lead to less challenges to being successful in college. If I included "wrong" decisions in the story, I would make the "mistakes" opportunities to learn by featuring interviews with students who made mistakes but learned from them and were more successful because of their journey.

This idea was inspired by Charles Shryock (@timidstone).

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Hello Joseph,

I love the idea! I work with a lot of different students that have varying stories. While I can connect to them all in different ways it would be great for them to have a resource from which they can find a college student or graduate that has a similar story to them. 

I just have two comments:

1. If this is going to be a website or app, will there be a sort of search function or categorization of stories? I think it would be nice that if students can filter the stories posted by different specifications by location, school attended (college and high school), extracurricular activities, religion, ethnicity/race, income, learning disabilities, high school g.p.a./ACT score etc. These specifications seem really personal, but I believe that these are really categorizations that impacts a student's life experience. Students want to see how someone like them  succeeded.

2. Will students have a way to reach out to the individuals who post a story? Or at least a forum to share their own personal story with other individuals viewing the website? I think it would be amazing if your College Success Digital Story evolved into something that is more than a one-way communication community. If students can also talk to each other based on the success story of one individual they connected with that serves as another resource/support-system they can depend on. 

I love your idea and can't wait to see it develop fully and help so many students on their journey to higher education.

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First off, thank you so much for your thoughtful (and positive) comments and suggestions. They definitely show that you have spent time thinking about this and for that I am very grateful.

Now to the specifics:
1. I was considering this and was thinking of an "Advanced Search" option that I see a lot in my line of work as a librarian. I think having that as a feature would, like you said, give the user the option to search for specifics relating to their individual interests. I wonder if the "added" feature would become more important or more used than the original "journey/choose-your-own-adventure" feel we originally envisioned.

I LOVE the list of "filter" options you gave. I especially like the "learning disabilities" aspect. As a teacher and parent of students with learning disabilities and exceptionalities, I very much see the advantage of including this in the filter and the importance of including interviews with students with similar exceptionalities.

"Students want to see how someone like them succeeded." (I have to add that to my user statement board.)

2. I LOVE this idea. Going beyond the interview videos on the website and being able to contact the "mentor"-type student would be a powerful addition. I did not consider that in the initial phase but now think think that would be needed. THANK YOU!

Please, if you think of anything else, let me know.

I would also love for you to be in on the designs as we go through the various iterations. Would you be interested in helping in any way you feel comfortable?

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Hello Joseph,

I never thought about how the search feature could take away from the "Choose Your Own Adventure/Journey" feel. Maybe they can only use the search feature after they do the initial journey, create an account, or complete a guided virtual tour of the entire website. That way it is ensured that they are exposed to all of the features of the website.

The journey they first complete can serve as the foundation of their profile. It links them to the initial resources they see on their profile, the suggested stories/interviews of students they should view, the social community they might want to connect with. When I think of your idea I visualize something like the Linked-In connection bubbles, or the way a Prezi presentation moves (if that makes sense).

And I would love to be in on the designs! I'm not sure what role you would like me to play, but I am more than willing to at least spout ideas. 

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