A tool to help students set a career direction relative to an institution's degree options, academic programs, and course offerings.

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The Challenge

Graduating seniors from high schools and incoming freshmen at Higher-Ed institutions do not understand what awaits them in the “business world” when they graduate from college.  Therefore they do not know how to choose an Academic Program and degree path the will prepare them for occupations that fit their skills and interests. 

The Audience

Students, advisers, and parents face The Challenge together and therefore need access to information related to careers and academic programs, from different perspectives.

The Solution

A database coupled with analytical capabilities that provide The Audience with the information they need to gain new insights.   

Example capabilities include the ability to:

  • Review all academic programs and courses offered by a Higher-Ed institution
  • Review a detailed catalog of occupations across multiple industries (relative to academic offerings of a specific institution)
  • Describe the skill and knowledge requisites of each occupation
  • Identify the skills and knowledge accrued after completing each course offering
  • Identify the courses and matching academic programs relative to one or more targeted career options (occupations)

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The attached slides provide Initial data structures for depicting career options, relatable academic programs/courses, and skill requisites.


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Keith! This is awesome. I think there's something really interesting about basically creating a "quantified self" platform - but instead of students or people - the thing that's getting quantified is colleges. Then, you could use this data to create an algorithm that would help link up students to colleges based on a set of contingencies. The key there though would be to help students not see that link as prescriptive - but rather as an open provocation.  What would it look like for you to build this out a bit more - develop out how the data would be collected, what would be those contingencies, and how might counselors use this tool? Really great! I hope you flesh this out more!! 

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Hi Emma,
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