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With a year of mandatory service between high school and college or work, students develop character and learn about themselves.

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In this year of service students join the community before they join the workforce or go to college.  Students can join community service projects or join a year in the National Guard to earn them a place in college and the workforce.

In this format students would gain independence from family and friends and make connections around the country. Students would also learn as a part of their service project.

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Trever, this is a really interesting post. While the "Mandatory" part sounds a little scary - I think there is incredible power within th eida of a year of personal exploration. I started exploring  a similar question when responding to Michael Wilson 's post College is only a means .

I really like the idea that there can be a productive and valuable experience  encompassed within the year between high-school and college.  

I wonder what that program could look like, how it can be shaped by other service organizations, but perhaps reach a much larger audience and provide a much broader experience than current offerings.

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One of my roommates in college was from Austria. He told stories of when in Austria everyone is mandated to be in the National Guard for a year. He spoke of it with national pride and service to his country.  

He spoke of religious reasons of people not wanting to and performing community service in organizations. 

He also mentioned that when in the National Guard there you aren't around people who you grew up with and made life-long friends.

I think the only way it could work is if it was mandatory like it is there.  Colleges don't take applications from people who didn't do their service. 

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Hi Trevor, I also like the idea of having a service year to give back to the community and put together a plan for college and beyond. We can certainly learn a lot from communities and countries that have this type of system in place. I will do some research to see what I can find.

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