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Teaching grit, determination, and self-reflection by examining how we react to unwinnable situations and unsolvable puzzles.

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Inspired by Patrick Skerpon's "Kobayashi Maru test", we would create a Breakout EDU game that is unsolvable while basing the "test" in the physical world.  How do people react to an escape room game where there is no possible way to escape?

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Kobayashi Maru Test


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Would you agree that many teachers practice in sustained "Kobayashi Maru tests"?  That is they are "stuck" in non-winable situations;  ham-strung by bureaucratic education systems that they are unable to substantially  influence, while their students - the passengers - flounder just because...

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It is why Trever's question was particularly jarring for me; I think that adulthood often brings on what at least seem to be no-wins so frequently, that the more we can do to help students prepare for those moments the better.  I'm also in love with Samuel Beckett's quote: "Ever tried, ever failed, no matter.  Try again, fail again, fail better."

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