Un-iversity (Un Schooling at the Collegiate Level)

We need un-iversity for students who struggled in school and need another way to build skills, receive mentorship, and follow passions.

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College is not for everyone. Look at the long list of successful entrepreneurs and innovators who never attended or completed college. Instead of trying to make college an option for all students, we need to provide students with other ways to build skills, find mentorship opportunities, and follow their passions. I am thinking of something along the line of old-fashioned mentorships programs where learning happens on the job by doing.


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Super interesting, Sandee. One such model that's providing an alternative to college is this place: http://www.tillschool.com .... what do you think? 

I'd love to see you form an idea around what that alternative might be.  

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Checked out the Till School website. It seems like an interesting model. I'm still thinking through just how I'd see my model working. I'll post when it's more fully formed but feedback and resources from all are welcome.


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Sounds good! Yeah definitely interesting model and what I like about it is that it's designed for students from all different backgrounds. So often when the "is college worth it" question crops up - we look at the Mark Zuckerbergs as proof that you don't necessarily need college.  But not everyone lives within those types of networks where that's truly feasible. So it's interesting to consider how you create models of alternative, effective postsecondary institutions that really benefit ALL students, even students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. 

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