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What if the college app. process was flipped to focus on the whole student and not lists of clubs and AP classes? - Making Caring Common

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The Making Caring Common project - a collaboration between over 50 colleges and universities including Harvard, UNC, MIT, and others wants us to rethink the college application process to focus on a meaningful and engaging high school experience and reduce the harmful pressures of a disingenuous college application process.

How will high school students be affected?

  1. It will open up possibilities for higher education for students of poverty and reduced income who have fewer advantages and more responsibilities than their peers.
  1. It will give adolescents a greater chance for emotional and psychological health.
  1. It will allow adolescents to experience high school for its own opportunities for intellectual growth and social development and not only as a pathway to college acceptance.
  1. It will give students more authentic learning experiences as the pressure of the SAT goes away and the incentive to teach the deeply flawed Common Core, which the SAT assesses, is reduced.
  1. It invites students to follow their own intellectual passions and to relate to their community in authentic and caring ways.
  1. It increases the chance that students will live their adult lives in a more compassionate world.

You can read the full report and executive summary here:

Or a great article from Real Learning CT here:

If you could rethink the high school experience to create more well rounded people - Instead of "qualified college applicants" where would you start?


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